Tóth József photography

Me and my photography, located in Budapest: my "journey" started for almost twenty years ago, when I was strongly affected by traveling all over the world. I've shot primarily hotels and buildings on request, made my own travel photos with enthusiasm and published some guidebooks about Thailand, Greece, Bali and Malaysia etc. Nowadays I lead my own publishing company and Photography became my profession and so my persistent subject of infatuation. I constantly develop my facture and try to let my own style recognizable especially in the areas of portrait, nude and street photography. My projects also include an album about Venice with my own way of seeing and capturing things.



József Tóth was born in 1970, in Budapest. His passion towards photography has already shown itself in his childhood. Already in his younger years, he learnt the technical bases of photography. He made his first black and white photos with an analogue camera and then developed them in his own darkroom. He was especially fascinated by realistic image representation; billboards were made out of his works and published across the country, having become sought after primarily because of his unique way of seeing things. Apart from the harmonious, accurate description, his photos of buildings were characterized by a unique depiction of lights, structures and shapes. His photos made during his travels, raised the interest of many Hungarian and foreign travel agencies; this way, in the course of the years, a number of journals of magazines in the area of travelling published his materials. 

Besides the building and travel images, later the artist experimented in the area of street photography, as well as portray and fashion photography, similarly with great success. In the recent 12 years, he made excellent photo illustrations for a number of books and albums.

Keeping photography as a creative way of self-expression, since 2002, József Tóth is the manager of a company engaged in book publishing and press works, which is also closely linked to his previous activities. He has designed and created more than 80 books and uncountable press products. Clients ordering the most versatile press services all over Europe witness the precise and reliable work of his company, whether it is organizing exhibitions, graphical design of travel brochures and company images, or preparation of promotional materials.


Since the mid ‘90s, not a single year has passed without him visiting Venice, Italy. In the past few years, they have already portrayed the city’s beauty together with his wife, Kíra Kenéz, and the result of their work are several tens of thousands of brilliant photos and post cards from Venice, as well as an extraordinary artistic publication that came out in 2012 with the title “Postcards from Venice”. The artist sees the city almost as his second home, so it is not a coincidence that his first significant exhibition was organized here, in the luxurious building of Scuola Grande di San Teodoro.