Tóth József photography

"Photography is not only a profession for us, but also our passion, we believe that art commences with great creativity and individual perception, but only if the appropriate technical knowledge is present, so that the photographer is able to achieve, all that has been imagined." (TJ)


The collection of the photographic works of Joseph Tóth and Kíra Kenéz are already available via Internet, also for resellers. 

The photos, listed below can be ordered in any size, framed or in calendar format, and also for special, printed gift items (umbrellas, bags, postcards, etc.), as you desire for your home or for business goals. 

The "postcards from Venice”, an amazing and multi-faceted art-publication is also available now, on demand with particular album cover for individuals or firms. 

Through the mailing address you can also log on the our special workshops.

Our firm LPI Ltd. offers a wide range of typographical and pre-press services, like implementation of typographical preparation, writing and editing of various publications, and also the planning and printing of business cards, brochures, prospects, newsletters, roll-ups, throw-aways, catalogues, firm-outlinings, invitations, placards etc.

As far as processing and creating advertisements (homepages, banners) and planning, preparing and dissemination of advertisements or Internet websites. 

Our firm is a book-publishing company at all, operating with photo illustrations and managing also online book department.